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Broken Refrigerator – Don’t wait call for refrigerator repair today and Save $25 off your complete repair.

Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator is a modern household appliance which is mainly kept fresh and used for storage of food and drink. At Appliance Champion Dallas, we offer refrigerator repair solutions to any problems affecting your refrigerator. Listed below are the issues affecting refrigerator, our technicians are on the ground to conquer the problem and put a smile on our customer’s face.

Common Refrigerator Repairable Issues

  • Freezer cooling but refrigerator temperature is high
  • Frost builds up in freezer section
  • Water leaking from underneath
  • Making loud noise in refrigerator or freezer section
  • Not cooling or warm outside refrigerator
  • Fridge door does not close or seal
  • Refrigerator light stays on
If your refrigerator is encountering one of the issues listed, Appliance Champion Dallas will help you overcome the issue and repair your refrigerator.

Freezer Cooling But Refrigerator Temperature Is High

The evaporator fan motor blew cold air to the evaporator coil and distributed the air all through the freezer, if the evaporator fails to work, the freezer will not work perfectly. If the evaporator fan motor is faulty, the refrigerator will not cool effectively, in other to find out if the evaporator is not working, turn the fan blade with a finger and if it does not move freely, then change the fan motor or if the motor makes noise, change it. If the defrost heater fails to melt away all the frost that might have gather on the evaporator coil, the frost will stick the coil, and if the evaporated coil is stuck, the airflow through the coil will be minimal causing the refrigerator not to work well. IF your experiencing any of these issues call for refrigerator repair immediately to save your food!

Leaking Refrigerator

If the defrost exhaust is frozen, water will run over the exhaust and will cause the refrigerator to leak; the water can also lead to the floor. Firstly check the exhaust to know if it is blocked or frozen, if the valve is blocked, wash out with hot water to free the exhaust. If the water inlet valve is not well tightened, it can also cause leakage of the refrigerator, check the water inlet valve properly in case there is crack or damage anywhere to avoid leakage. Call for professional refrigerator repair- don’t allow the water to damage your floors!

Frost Problem

If there are difficulties with frost, remove all the things inside the freezer, look at the panel that covers bottom or back of the freezer partition, feel it if it is thick with frost, also check if the panel covering the bottom or back of the refrigerator is thick with frost, there is a defrost problem. This issues is common and your refrigerator needs refrigerator repair – don’t give up on your appliance bring it back to it’s normal condition. Call Appliance Champion Dallas for refrigerator repair, today. 

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